What Makes You Drunk?

A middle-aged man stumbled in line behind me at a Walgreens check out.  The one across the street from my childhood church.

He leaned hard on the counter to balance himself after setting a 60 oz jug of cranberry juice and an equal size bottle of vodka.  He was clearly still influenced by his last drink.

He ran his fingers back through his hair and tried his best to coherently add friendly comments to the conversation I was having with the cashier.

I didn’t know what to do.  Or what to say.   I exchanged a painful wince with the girl behind the counter.  And left.

Drunkenness is a state of intoxication or impairment.  The man in the check out line was impaired.  Unable to function properly.  It could really be anything, not just alcohol.

What affects your life to the point where it has become excessive?

One drop of alcohol may not necessarily make a person drunk.  But.  Be careful with whatever it is that consumes you.  One more drop, one more minute, one more hour, one more dollar, one more… can become uncontrolled to the point that it controls you.

Watching tv?  Laziness?  Your smart phone?

Busyness?  Volunteering for everything?

Checking notifications?  Eating?

Your job?  Making more money?  Keeping up with a trendy appearance?

None of these things may necessarily be a sin. For you.  But for me they most definitely can be.  Too much of these things waste away my time and energy.  I become “drunk” on them, to the point where I’m not “sober-minded” and focused on God’s purpose for me.

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

I heard this phrase at my church recently:

If the devil can’t destroy you, he will distract you.

What takes away your ability to focus on God?  Your ability to live out your purpose?

Are you able to do those things and still be sober-minded?

It could be yes, but it could be no.

Should you cut back? Create boundaries? Cut it out all together?  Check what the Bible has to say.  That’s for you to prayerfully decide.





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