10 Reasons to Appreciate a Daycare Teacher

1. They are not daycare workers, they are daycare teachers.  Their lesson plan every day includes: how to share, how to have “nice hands” and “walking feet,” how to say please and thank you, how to walk behind someone without pushing, how to take turns, and how to have “listening ears.”

2. They are not just teachers.  They are also janitors and nurses.  They make boo-boos feel better and dry up tears.  They spray, wipe, sanitize, sweep, mop, vacuum, and take out the trash.

3. They are waitresses. They balance little trays and cups of milk.  They pick up squashed peas off the floor.  Scoop peaches when they ask for more.

4. They change 5 dirty diapers, within 10 minutes, the day after beef and corn.

5. They get 12 little ducklings to follow in a row on their way to the playground.

6. They tie tiny shoes. Snap tiny pants. Fold tiny blankeys. Wipe tiny noses. Spend 5 minutes fixing the heels of tiny Converse. Multiply all of this by 12 on some days.

7. They are there before parents go to work and-or don’t go home until the last kid is picked up as the second hand ticks to closing time.

8. They lay out cots and pillows and blankeys and paci’s.  They know who gets a pacifier, who gets a 6 oz bottle, who has to have all the lights out, who will wake up early, who came in late and will lay awake.  They sit between cots patting restless toddlers to sleep.  They spend the rest of nap time keeping the one early riser from waking the 11 others.

9. They go home and take care of their own families and homes, or their own children.  They somehow find time to rest their tired feet.

10. They are patient and kind.  They are trustworthy.  They do their best with no promise of rest.  They don’t enjoy disciplining, but do it with love.  Their heart swells to see your child grow and learn and smile and play.  They laugh at the funny things the kids always say.  Say thank you to your daycare teacher.  They love your child more than you know.

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Note: I worked at my kids’ daycare this summer.  I have a new found appreciation for all of the staff!  I worked in every age, 0-10.  Every age group has their challenges, but still they each have something sweet, hilarious, or special about each of them.  You can show appreciation to the teachers with a simple gift: their favorite drink or candy, a little note, or just a daily “thank you.”  They don’t ask for recognition, but show them some love for loving your most precious gift each day.

34 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Appreciate a Daycare Teacher

  1. Becky King says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Im sitting here rocking a sweet little baby (he’s the early riser) while nibbling my lunch and reading your blog. Being a daycare teacher has by far been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. (Hazel makes it even better! 😉😄)

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  2. Kecia pannell says:

    Thank you for this article I’m sitting here at nap time where i have 11 sleeping Three year olds and trying to keep that one entertained enough so she wont awake the others lol this is a rewarding job it does have it days of being overwhelming but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing ❤️😍😘

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    • Judy Fletcher says:

      Thank/you❤️❤️ I worked at a daycare as a teenager. Never thought that’s what I would end up doing for the most of my life! Started out as a classroom teacher in a public school. Didn’t like it and went to a private school, thought it was the best place to have my children with me. It was, until they were ready to go on to first grade. Started my own Montessori Pre-School/ Daycare
      32 years ago. and still going!! I have WONDERFUL
      Women who I have had the privilege to train and work along side with! Couldn’t do this without them. Thank you for your article ❤️ I never liked the word daycare worker either…..Teachers…Pre-School teachers!

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  3. Mabel Graham says:

    God bless them ! Especially the ones at Swannee County Early Learning Center! They teach 3,4&5 year olds and are angels! Some of these little ones have no training, no manners,and kick, scream and even bite the teachers and other children. Some at hyper and some are just spoiled rotten!


  4. Katie says:

    I love this article! I love being a daycare teacher. I love when the kids get attached to me and its a very fulfilling job. And I know I’ve done my job well when the kids don’t wanna go home. And I also have a chance to learn from these kids I teach everyday

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  5. MomWife+TeacherLife says:

    Hi Kristi,
    I did not intend to offend anyone by my word choice. I really wrote this from my heart to my coworkers – to show them how much I appreciated them caring for my own children.

    The position I held this summer did not require higher education, even though I have been teaching middle school for almost a decade.

    My children’s teachers are the most loving and kind people I know, which is why I enjoyed working there this summer.

    I encourage you to read other posts if you enjoyed the message of this one 🙂


  6. Zara says:

    Yes! This is absolutely true! Thank for for giving us all a shout out and helping others to understand that we are teachers, just like elementary school teachers or HS teachers; as just have a more “special” job in where we have to do a little extra for our students. This is so spot on and appreciate that we’re not alone. Love this

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    • Raymond P. Gonzales says:

      This article lifted so many individuals’ soul on how they look at their job. I maybe the only man commenting here but I’m also Montessori trained and certified Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood teacher. I’ve experienced if not all most of the above mentioned in your article. I’ve great respect to you all as a man most people would often wonder and say “you must have long patience” I simply replied I guess I won’t stay at this “job” if I don’t. But for me it isn’t just a job it is a mission, we are all great contributors to the best years of the child’s foundation! Sadly, the government do not see how these teachers needed to be compensated. We may not be rich financially but we are rich in experience in making the life of each child and their families easy. I know it isn’t all a smooth day but just hang on. God bless our hearts! Proud of you all! And I’m hoping that I would see more men consider doing this mission too. Cheers!😊😍😊

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  7. Jennifer says:

    I am a home child care care provider and do not get my feathers “ruffled” easily by something as simple as “daycare teacher”. People…read the main word…TEACHER. Stop being easily offended and see this for what it is, someone encouraging others to give all of us the respect we deserve. Those of us who run our own business, also are accountants, inventory specialists, CEO’s, therapists, etc…. Maybe not by degree, but by default.

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      • Emily says:

        God I love this article. So many parents are ungrateful, they really need to read and understand this. Once a 9 y/o boy broke his phone at the daycare I work at, his mother cussed me out and I had to just stare at her and take it. I was 17 at the time and I couldn’t understand for the life of me why she blamed ME for her own mistake, letting her 9 y/o have a phone especially at a daycare. Once a mother of a 2 year old got mad that her child peed in his diaper right before she got there, and claimed that I didn’t change him all day which was not the case at all because I had just changed him. A mother of an infant got mad at me for “not changing her child enough” and another day “she was freezing cold” which wasn’t the case either time, she was changed hourly and the “cold day” she was asleep, wrapped in a blanket in an already warm room. I loved each of those children and it broke my heart that their parents didn’t appreciate all of things I DID do for their kids. On the other hand, most parents completely understand those kind of situations, and are grateful for us. They know that it’s a struggle to take care of 5, 6, 8, 12 kids ALONE. And I hope they know that we love it, even on the hardest days.

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      • Dani Rose says:

        I can totally appreciate deleting the negative comments- good choice to keep it positive!

        Since I can’t see the deleted posts, I’m not sure if anyone said this yet in a tone not meant to be disrespectful, so please disregard if they have. I think one of the issues with the word “daycare teacher” is that many of us in early childhood education are working hard to elevate the work that teachers of young children do in order to be seen for the true professionals they are/need to be. “Daycare” is a term that many people in the field don’t love as it seems not to encompass the gravity of what they are responsible for.

        As your post pointed out, there’s so much to the role and it really is a calling for many people. One that doesn’t compensate a person well for all they do in a day. One that often doesn’t come with benefits or paid time off. It’s import work that most of America needs/relies on and teachers of young children deserve so much respect and more than we’re currently offering them as a society.

        I’m hoping that our society can see the importance of early education and childcare and together we can work on giving our children and the adults who work with them the care, respect, and appreciation they deserve.

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  8. Amber P. says:

    I absolutely love this and even sent the link to the director of the center I work at. You nailed this list! This is my day in a nutshell as I work with a group of kids that range from 18 months to 2.5 years.

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  9. teachermomtalks says:

    Ew…beef and corn diapers. Haha! I get it. I change a lot of diapers too but certainly not that much. I actually just sent a note to my child’s Pre-K teacher today. I was a teacher and I know what the work is like. I also know what it feels like to get a little boost, so I try to do that for others as often as possible. Thanks for sharing this sweet post.

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  10. Brittany says:

    I no longer work in the daycare setting as I am now a behavorial analysis and work for children with Autism. However, all through college I worked at a daycare. It always made our day when that one parent would tell uss Thank you for what you do. I remember one year we had twin infants and when their Father dropped them off he always told my co workers and I thank you and it made our day! I have a nanny now for my own twins but I always make sure she knows how appreciated she is on a daily basis.

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  11. Donna says:

    Love this and thank you. I’ve been working with children for many many years and this describes almost everything I have been doing for all those years and still enjoy doing. Thank you again and thanks to everyone that gives their all doing the jobs that you do.

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  12. Kim says:

    Day Care Worker/Teacher/BRAIN BUILDER! We are most responsible more than any other for growing their brains! “From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life!” I loved learning this at some recent ECDC training! 💕

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  13. Tammy says:

    Thank you so much for writing these beautiful words, I am a daycare teacher and all though I love my job I do feel we are under appreciated alot ot the time. Lovley article

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  14. LAURA says:

    Love this! I am a group home daycare provider and mother of 4. I absolutely agree with everything you mentioned! Day in and day out….I do what I do for the children. When they graduate on to school and yet see you in public and come running with a big hug and smile I know I have given my all for that child. Shout out to all those who care for children every day. You are appreciated!

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  15. Sue says:

    I have worked with preschool children for over 30 years. It is not an easy job but it a very a rewarding job. How can you not be happy with all the smiles and hugs you get. Children give unconditional love. I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world,

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  16. Debbie Ashford says:

    I taught in childcare for six months and it was absolutely the only job I ever woke up loving to go to work. I loved those babies and never had enough time to cuddle! I couldn’t leave a room with a baby crying at the end of my day. I cannot wait to go back. This was an absolutely lovely and truthful article.

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  17. Janet says:

    This is SO true!!! I am 60 years old , I have been doing child care in and out of daycare centers for 40 years, I can’t even count how many lives I have touch. Thank you to all the teachers, assistant teachers, cooks, directors, and the floaters that in my opinion get the least recognition. They are usually in every room, with every age group, and they know almost every parent!!!!!💗

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  18. KimRichards says:

    Beautiful words I have been a day care teacher for 12 years I have ran my own family day care and now I work at an awesome centre and I must say the children are the reason I go in every day

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  19. Jen says:

    Love this! Iam a preschool teacher and can not tell you how many times I hear that daycare teachers just sit and sing songs all day! We have lesson plans, observations, assessments, monthly staff meeting, professional development trainings just like all teachers!

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  20. Marina says:

    I’ve been working as a daycare teacher since October of 2018 and I have found my calling. I work with 1 year olds and it’s the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. Reading this article makes me happy that people appreciate what we do! So thank you!


  21. Kathy Jones says:

    During the school year, I work as the after school teacher for our school children and the pre-K class at a home day care. During the summer, I have the summer program for the school children. I love my vocation working in child care. Thank you for the wonderful words. P.S. I, also, am a paraprofessional for special needs students during the school year.

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